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Make Your Marketing Emails Count

Did you know that email marketing can be as much as 20 times more cost effective than other marketing methods when you’re trying to reach your customers?  But how do you create emails that get opened, engage the reader, and build value for your company? Tingalls Graphic Design has gathered a few tips to help you draft better emails and reach your customers with cost effective marketing.
Be Trustworthy. People don’t want to open spam and they’re afraid of opening anything that might look suspicious. This means you have to identify yourself with a recognizable name. Make sure the from line in any email you send clearly identifies your company clearly. You may also want to include a line at the top of mass emails that lets people know that they opted in to receiving emails. This is called a permission reminder.
Great Subject Lines. The days of catchy and clever headlines are almost a thing of the past, but this is a place where you can really shine. If clever writing isn’t your thing, then be straight forward and interesting, do not us subject lines that say “June Newsletter” or something equally boring.
Be Consistent. If you’re doing a monthly email newsletter, then do a monthly email newsletter and have it show up on the same day, at the same time every month. Your customers want to know that you’re reliable and you want to reach out to them routinely.
Consider the Reader. What makes you open an email and read it? Give your readers something of value with each and every email that keeps them coming back for more. Reminding them about your amazing services and blog is great and should be included, but your main reason for contacting your clients is to provide them with new and useful updates, not spam.
Track Results. Watch to see which emails get opened and track what links they follow back to your website. This will help you learn what is working and what isn’t. Then you can tailor your emails to your clients to best serve them and to create more effective marketing for you.
Utilize your Brand. It’s very important that every contact you have with your clients uses your branding so they know, at a glance, that they’re receiving something from you. Marketing emails are a great way to build brand recognition and company loyalty. Contact Tingalls Graphic Design to create an email template for you or even a new company logo to help you with your branding.
Remember email marketing can be one of the most cost effective ways to build customer satisfaction, strengthen relationships and even earn new business.