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10 Google Analytics Stats You Should Be Watching

Do you ever wish you could have your customers tell you exactly what they want from your website? Wouldn’t it be nice if they would let you know in advance which articles they would read, offers they would respond to, and ads they would find compelling? While you’re not likely to get these kinds of insights in an email or survey, the information isavailable to you if you know where to look. The only problem is that most business owners and marketers ignore the one reliable source of data they have on customers and behaviors: Google Analytics. Completely free and immensely valuable, Google Analytics can tell you a great deal about where your … Continue reading

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Do You Own Your Website Design?

A lot of business owners have never considered this question. Here’s a hint: If you aren’t sure if you own your website design, then you probably don’t. That’s because many websites are designed from publicly available and commonly used WordPress templates. That can be a bad thing for a couple of reasons. First, it means your website probably has a generic feel to it. It wasn’t created for your company; it was designed to be used for any company. The difference is going to show in a lot of subtle ways. Another issue is that you could find a competitor with a nearly identical website. Anyone can use the same … Continue reading

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How Can I Get More Blog Readers?

It sometimes seems as if there are more blogs than there are blog readers. That is, lots of companies put fresh posts online every day, but studies show that 90% or more aren’t ever read by more than a few people. Or to put things another way, there are a few blogs with lots of readers, and thousands of times as many that are doing nothing for the marketers that produce them. How can you ensure that your blog falls into the right category, helping you to attract search engine visits and attention from real-life customers? Here are a few proven steps you can take to get moving in the … Continue reading

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What is SSL and Does My Website Need One?

Lately, some of our clients have been asking about purchasing an SSL for their website. Usually, it’s because they’ve heard it’s a big trend in web design and Internet marketing, but might not know exactly what it is or how it can help them. And, there are also scams selling fake SSLs, taking your money and never touching your site. So, let’s get to the bottom of things by answering a few questions that might be on your mind… What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it basically means that a website that’s hosted in this way forms a secure, encrypted connection with each visitor. You might … Continue reading

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What Cats Know About Social Media Marketing

Forget ad agencies, YouTube Stars, and reality television personalities – the real winners of the social media revolution have been ordinary house cats. No matter where you look, they are chasing yarn, being “jerks,” and launching new memes. Cats probably collectively generate billions of likes and shares every week. And best of all, they do it without even trying. Regardless of whether you’re a devoted cat fan, or more of a dog person, you’d have to admit that felines get their fair share of attention on Facebook and Twitter. And for that reason, they are the true masters of the medium. It’s often been said that even if cats could … Continue reading

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Why the Best Logos Are the Simplest

Sometimes, when clients come to us for logo design, they ask that lots of different elements be incorporated into their visual identity. Their enthusiasm is understandable, but we always like to remind them that the best logos are the simplest. Less is definitely more when it comes to logo design. The reason is pretty simple: A logo is all about showing identity and personality. Its job is to generate an instant impression. When a logo is simple, it only takes a fraction of a second for a viewer to understand. It’s more memorable because it conveys instant meaning. When you lose simplicity, you introduce clutter and confusion. People have to … Continue reading

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Do I Have to Include LLC in My Logo Design?

We get asked this question a lot during our logo design process. Our advice is to include it so you’re covered. As part of your firm’s entity formation, you are supposed to include LLC in all of your forward-facing marketing pieces. So, if you don’t include it in your logo, you’re going to have to list the company’s full name elsewhere on the piece. This can become cumbersome on smaller marketing pieces like business cards or promotional items when space is a concern. Below are some examples of how you can include the LLC portion of your company’s name without hurting the overall design and esthetic appeal of your logo. … Continue reading

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Why Your Website Images Shouldn’t Come From Google

The visuals on your website are important. Not only do they help tell a story and enhance your credibility, but they make an instant impression. In fact, researchers estimate the human mind can process images one thousand times faster than text. That means potential customers notice the photos you use on your web pages, at least subconsciously, before they ever process any of your actual messaging. Understanding the power of images isn’t just about knowing which ones to use, however. It’s also about knowing where to find them. In particular, to realize you should be purchasing royalty-free images from sites like instead of snatching them off of Google. From … Continue reading

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What the Spec?

Why You Don’t Want Unpaid Design Submissions Should you ever ask a graphic designer or creative agency for spec work? Although it used to be a fairly normal way to do business, we don’t think so. In fact, we’ve made it a Tingalls Graphic Design policy to politely turn down any requests for on spec proposals relating to websites, logos, or print projects. Before we explain why, let’s take a moment to explain what “spec” or “on spec” work actually is. It basically means that a potential client comes to an artist or agency and asks for a sample. That sample could be a logo, a mockup of a web … Continue reading

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Best Of Blog: Mobile Updates

Back in April, when Google rolled out its “Mobilegeddon” update, there was a lot of panic and disinformation zipping about. So Tingalls Graphic Design put together a few articles to make sure our readers had all the information we had, as soon as we had it. It’s been a few months and the “mobilegeddon” update did affect search engine listing pages (SERPs). So if you’re feeling out of the loop or want to revisit the issue, check out these articles. The True Cost of Lost Mobile Traffic If currently your website is utilizing optimal keywords and fresh relevant content, it’s a non-sleeping, never-surrendering, always on-time, no sick days salesperson for you … Continue reading

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