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The latest branding trend - the Me Rock.

The latest branding trend – the Me Rock.

Tingalls Graphic Design is super-excited to be the first agency in Madison to offer to latest in branding trends – The Rock. Rolling along the west coast, this trend in corporate identity has made the leap across the Pacific. From Beijing to Tokyo to Los Angeles and Seattle, The Rock is making a heavy impression.
What is it? It’s just like it sounds – a rock to be given out instead of a business card. Ridiculous as it sounds, the trend is catching like wild fire. Here are a few of the more popular reasons The Rock is becoming the go-to personal and corporate branding tool:


The Rock, or Me Rock (sometimes We Rock or Us Rock), as they are known on the West coast, is the most environmentally friendly marketing tool available.


No one bats an eye when you hand a card over. Give them a rock, and they remember it! Plus they don’t get bent.

Cost Effective

Me Rocks are, in most markets, about half the price of printed business cards. That alone makes people join in the trend. It’s always all about the bottom line.


The Kitsch factor is undeniable. If you’re in the business of trend setting, cutting edge technology or culture, the Me Rock is a must have.
Tingalls now offers two levels of the Me Rock; the basic, introductory Me Rock package comes with 100 personalized stones of roughly equal size and mineral make up. If you really want to wow your clients, go with the Me Rock Geode! Clients take it home and bust it open. Inside are your communication vitals and unforgettable crystal formations.
The first ten to reach out to us get 100 Me Rocks freeGive us call or send an email for more information or to get your personalized Me Rocks ordered!
*For pick up only. Tingalls inspects all Me Rocks for quality and clients may then pick up their orders.