Simple Way to Get Buyers to Take Action

Keith Gilmore

Keith Gilmore

If you’re wondering why your website visitors aren’t taking action and clicking on your links, then you may want to consider making a small simple change to how you’re leading them through your sales funnel.

A common mistake in designing web pages is to use an underlined word or phrase as the hyperlink to lead the visitor to the page you want them to go.

A much more effective method is to simply change the hyperlink into a button.  Buttons are much more intuitively click-friendly.

Oh, and color makes a difference. The Mequoda group reports a split test where the only variable on the landing page was the order button color. Red was the control, which was tested against green, yellow, and ochre. The winner? Ochre, generating 27% higher
conversion rates than red.

If you found this helpful, or you’ve had luck with other methods, comment below and share.

Guest Blog Provided by Keith Gilmore.

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