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3 Reasons You Should Use a Professional Writer

We often hear people say they can handle their company’s copywriting needs, or someone in the office can do it. This may be true but by using a professional writer you’re getting a better finished product that will grab the attention you want for all the right reasons and accurately convey your message.  Here are three reasons why our clients choose Tingalls’ copywriting services.
Audience Perspective
It’s easy to get so ensconced in your industry that you forget the outside world may not know all the terms and jargon you take for granted. A professional writer discovers who your targeted audience is and tailors the content to fit their industry knowledge level.
The Basics
Not everyone excels in spelling and grammar but it’s a professional writer’s specialty. They’ll prevent you from making simple errors that annoy readers and chip away at your authority and reputation as an expert.
Company Efficiency
When you assign a writing assignment to a staff member they’re going to put it on the back burner until they’ve completed their regular work or they’re going to waste company time writing when they should be doing what they were hired to do. A professional writer makes your writing needs their priority and then your staff’s time isn’t wasted with research, writing, proofing and editing.
Another way to think of professional copywriting is in terms of business cards. Sure, you can print your own business cards and they’ll work just fine but they look unprofessional and give your company an unpolished feel. Copywriting that is poorly written, contains errors, and doesn’t speak in a manner the audience understands does the same thing as a homemade business card.
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