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Value of Testimonials in your Marketing

Why are testimonials important on your website? Here’s what sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer has to say about the use of Testimonials in your marketing:

“Testimonials are the only proof that your claims are valid.
When you say it about yourself, it’s bragging,
when they say it about you, it’s PROOF!”

How true!
When asking for testimonials from your customers, ask them to comment on something specific aside from price or general customer service. Ask them to comment on their first impression, follow-up, value-added services, what surprised them most about working with you, three adjectives to describe your experience, etc. These are the types of testimonials that make the most impact with prospects. You may be surprised by what they say. What you thought was the main selling point – i.e. the price – might be last on their list.
We recently interviewed several of our customers to use as case studies. We were a little surprised to find out our turnaround, friendly staff and fun atmosphere are what they liked most about working with us. Not price (although I’m sure that’s a factor). Not our creative designs (which are a given.) They think of Tingalls as a trusted partner in their business. Steve Klinke from Klinke Cleaners said, “Tingalls makes my job easier. I can turn over a project and walk away and trust it’s in good hands. That’s priceless to me.”
It’s a real boost to hear we’re making a difference in the lives of our customers, that we’re making marketing fun. Being able to use these “real word examples” has been a great showcase on our website and in our marketing.
Have you interviewed your clients lately? You’ll never know unless you ask, right?
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