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How to Write a Killer Video Marketing Script

When it’s time to create a video marketing clip, a lot of business owners will turn on a camera and shoot from the hip. In my experience, that’s not a great idea. While you may know a lot about your subject and enjoy working spontaneously, working without a script or plan virtually guarantees you’ll either forget something you want to mention, repeat yourself needlessly, or end up speaking in a confusing way.
You don’t have to be a poet or copywriter to come up with a good script for your video, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time putting your thoughts in order. In fact, you can do a great job of refining your message quickly if you just keep a handful of tips in mind…
Remember Your Audience
Many businesspeople struggle to “write well,” even though they have no problem dashing off a note or memo to a colleague. By thinking of the type of person who you want to see your video – or better yet, a specific person who is in your target audience – you make it easier to express your thoughts. This approach also stops you from using jargon that’s over the head of your viewers.
Include A Few Search Keywords
Google now has the ability to transcribe and “understand” video clips. That means search engines are going to examine yours like they would a webpage or blog post. While you don’t want to overdo it with keywords (using too many is even worse in video than it is on a written webpage), see if you can enhance your search visibility with a few carefully placed words or phrases.
Read Your Script Out Loud
Some things look good on a screen but don’t sound as good out loud. By reading your script in a normal speaking voice, you’ll be able to pull out any awkward phrases. You may also catch words or sounds that could be difficult for another person to speak or understand, particularly if there are accents involved.
Edit For Brevity
The easiest way to make anything you write better is to shorten it, and that certainly applies to your video script. You want the viewer to take in your marketing message from beginning to end, so stay brief and on-message. When in doubt, keep cutting until your script is a short as you think it can be. Then you probably have something that’s crisp and easy to take in.
Give Your Video Marketing Script a Last Look
Just before you mark your video marketing script as “finished,” double check for two things. First, you want to ensure that your main points are coming across as clearly as possible. And second, leave no doubt as to what you want to viewer to do next by making sure every video ends with a strong call to action that leads to conversions.
The point of your video marketing clip is to help promote your business. So follow this advice to make sure you include everything you need to say in as clear and compelling a way as possible. And if you need help bringing your video marketing to life, don’t forget to call the Tingalls Design team today!