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Blogging 101: How to Write a Blog Post

How to Write a Blog PostWe’re often asked how to write a blog post in the most effective way. And although content will vary depending on your industry, customer base and company personality, there are certain contingencies you’ll want to meet to make sure each of your posts is awesome.

How to Write a Blog in 6 Steps:

Pick Your Topic
This may sound obvious, but picking a topic in advance makes the process of writing a blog post more enjoyable, and less time consuming. We suggest creating a blog campaign for each month so you know all of your topics in advance. To do this, simply pick a topic for each post, create a working title and write an overview paragraph that summarizes the post’s topic.
Create a Good, Clear Title
An engaging title can entice a reader to spend a couple of minutes reading your blog. That being said, it needs to be clear, short and honest. You’ll also want your blog post title to have at least one good keyword phrase. I’ve used “how to write a blog post” in this article. In the coming weeks, we’ll talk more about keywords and how to use them in your blog posts.
Make Your Content Rich
OK, so we’re not actually suggesting you open a bank account for your content. Rich content refers to the quality of the content (copy) you write in your blog. Writing copy that offers solutions, expert insight and relevant information is rich. In addition, writing about what we’re passionate about tends to result in rich content, as well. The flip side of this is thin content, which doesn’t say anything of importance. Both rich and thin content are recognized by the search engines. Rich content is rewarded, while thin content will move you closer to online obscurity.
Be the Expert
Being the expert in your niche makes it easier to write about what’s trending in your industry. It will also help you offer relevant solutions to your customers’ pain points. Your industry experience can make you an expert in your niche, but constant learning is also a key component. Whether it’s from articles, blogs (like the one your creating), a mastermind group, or some other medium, fresh input is critical to remaining a thought leader in your industry.
Use an Engaging Image
No blog post is complete without imagery. Make sure yours is interesting, relevant and large enough to make an impact. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your images, but you do have to spend some time to find or create a good one. Companies like iStock Photo and Getty Images provide an immense amount of options.
Keep it Short
Say it in as few words as possible without compromising the message or the voice. Generally, somewhere between 250-500 words is the sweet spot for length. This post is 499 words.
I hope this helps you write a better blog post! If you need further assistance with getting your blog up and running, contact Tingalls Graphic Design for help!
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