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6 Website Best Practices to Attract Viewers

Build a Better Website with Tingalls Graphic Design

Most website are designed to attract viewers and yet there are sites that aren’t putting website best practices into use and are instead turning off customers or not drawing them in in the first place. Tingalls Graphic Design has pulled together six website best practices to help you attract and keep visitors to your website.

1)      Compelling content. The content on your website is meant to attract people and keep them there. If you’re writing for search engines or trying to be too clever with your content you may be turning away visitors in droves.  Tell people what they want to know in a straight forward, succinct manner and only use search engine optimization techniques wisely.

2)      Use your design. The design of your website is meant to be appealing and attractive and to emphasize certain elements. Use it to your advantage to draw attention to important content.

3)      Be consistent. Is your entire site harmonious, do the pages relate to each other visually and carry the same message? Inconsistency can confuse and scare viewers away.

4)      Be user friendly. If it takes too many clicks to get to the desired outcome or you ask for too much personal information or if your site takes forever to load you’re going to turn off a viewer instantly and they’ll quickly click to a site that is easier to use.

5)      Make sure it works. Too often a website has a link that doesn’t work or a page that’s outdated. Check your website every so often just to make sure it’s functioning in a way that you want it to.

6)      Legitimate SEO. Make sure you have a nice, solid and legitimate search engine optimization backbone to your website so you can be found by the search engines and not penalized by them.

Tingalls Graphic Design would love to help you implement some best practices into your new or existing website. Contact Tingalls if you would like to have a free consult to discuss web design.