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The Right Words Win



Words are so important in everything we do — they’re a vehicle for communication to drive shared understanding with someone else to build a platform to grow a relationship (learn more about this in GrowLoop’s free ebook).

I recently read Rework (Amazon affiliate) by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of 37signals.  I really enjoyed this book because of the authors’ philosophies and approach to business, but also because of its straightforward concise communication  — no extraneous words, everything in there is purposefully written.

One idea that stood out was that companies should hire great writers vs. those overly talented in their specific area of skill — unless that field is writing.

The argument made was that clear communication, to build shared understanding toward positive relationships is paramount these days.  Great writing, and there’s a difference between great academic writing and the great writing being referred to here, but clear writing equals clear thinking and clear creative paths to solutions as well as the ability to communicate those solutions well.

In the Rework argument for hiring great writers the thought is that other skills related to the job can be taught, but great writing is a prerequisite skill that is a good indicator of clear thinking — a characteristic in which most hiring companies have an interest.

As a solopreneur who is often wearing all the hats necessary to run your business, how is your writing?  Is your marketing communicating clear ideas that are easily understood by the audience you’re targeting?  Could better writing and more clearly thought-through solutions help to improve your marketing?
Guest blog provided by Nick Venturella.