Convenience Does Not Need to be Expensive

Doc Jams

Doc Jams

Eight dollars a gallon seems like a lot to pay for anything.  It seems like a crazy amount for something as simple as sugar water, or more specifically a cold soda.  But on a hot day when you’ve been sweating hard and you just finished filling up with gas, that big number seems reasonable.  At least when they put it into nice, cold and refreshing liter size bottles.  If you were not at a place that relied on your convenience to mark up prices you may think twice about paying eight dollars for multiple gallons of soda.

This paying extra for convenience is completely understandable, but what if you didn’t need to pay extra for convenience?  What if a simple phone call or email that could be finished in 30 seconds or less could get you the same or better pricing than driving somewhere or using complex online forms?  Would you be interested?

Doc Jams Printer Repair has been around for a while and we have learned a few things about customers.  Mainly they don’t want to be bothered.  They just want to click print and have their documents come out.  Minimal interruption, except for reading a few blogs about printing on the Doc Jams website.  So Doc Jams has created a simple way to order toner or service with a guarantee of the whole order process taking less than 30 seconds for existing customers and less than 1 minute for new clients.  That is less time than it takes for you to remember your account number at some other place.

Turtle Toner is what we call the companies that feel that toner and service orders should not be fast.  They act as if you are but a number and they are bored with your requests.  Through them the initial order should take at least 5 minutes plus you’ll wait a few days for the order to arrive and if you have a problem you’ll be frustrated and on the phone for almost an hour.  This is our competition and we welcome them.  They’re cute and you can put them on their back for a chuckle.

Doc Jams does not think that the turtle will win the race.  Turtle Toner can’t get you your toner quickly like Doc Jams.  Turtle Toner cannot respond to toner failures like Doc Jams can.  Turtle Toner is slow and you are just another number.  Doc Jams counters that by being fast.  Our whole motto is ‘Getting You Back to Printing That Damn Fast’.  We do that by making everything from ordering to shipping to repair fast, convenient and competitive.  Tell us your problem and we will solve it.  How else would you like it?

Guest Blog Contributed by Doc Jams

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