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Wells Print and Digital Services

Wells Print and Digital Services

Wells Print and Design Services offers a number of ways to print leave-behind materials with friends, customers, and colleagues.  As fall sporting seasons move on, a printed schedule is still the preferred way to look up the home team’s opponent and game time.  Wells is able to print magnet schedules or static cling schedules on the new wide format press.  Printing a company logo along the hometown’s team creates a subtle customer loyalty piece.  An office or home refrigerator may be the place to keep your logo in front of customers from the beginning of fall into winter.

Along with refrigerator magnets, car magnets are a non-permanent approach to promote your business when you are out on the road.  If salespeople are frequently traveling by car, a temporary magnet may be a good investment to gain brand visibility.  This, coupled with billboard advertising on the highway, can be a deadly marketing technique.  Car wraps and window clings are also good options depending on the type of vehicle being used.

Many times labels are the most cost-effective approach for company packages, boxes, and oversized envelopes.  If low quantities are needed for projects like these, many times it doesn’t make sense to set up for direct printing.  Low quantities of labels can be printed on either our digital or wide format press.  When inquiring about labels, the printer almost always needs to know the surface that they will adhere to.  The answer to this question will determine the production techniques for the project.

Labels also make sense for service workers who want to leave behind the company’s contact information after appliances are repaired.  Appliances like garbage disposals and furnaces required a different type of adhesive than packaging labels.  Typically, a service company prints on static cling material or semi-permanent adhesive to give the customer the option of removing the label.  These types of labels are usually adhered to appliances that are subjected to moisture.  The amount of moisture that the label is exposed to determines the type of adhesive on the back of the label.  Indoor and outdoor applications will also play a part in choosing the stock.  Accurately answering questions during the quoting process helps printers order the correct materials to print the most useful finished product.

Guest Blog Article Contributed by Dan Dettman of Wells Print and Digital Services

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