Why You Should Have a Professionally Designed Website

Professionally Designed Websites

Professionally Designed Websites

Let’s be completely honest for a minute, we often judge by appearances. Look at the old cliché…how many times have you actually selected a book because the cover looked interesting. Take it a step further, which cookbook is more likely to succeed, the one with a mouthwatering photo of a delectable delight or the one with a picture of cooking utensils. You get the picture (sorry – bad pun intended).

So why wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to your first impression with potential customers on the internet? When appearances matter and your competition is just a mouse click away, having a professionally designed website can mean the difference between a potential customer clicking to another site or further exploring what you have to offer.

Surface impressions aside, a professionally designed website gives you access to years of experience and skill in creating a website that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and can be changed regularly with relative ease. This means that not only is your site pretty, but it’s easy to use, gives the viewers what they want and stands the test of time.

A professionally designed website also has cross browser compatibility. So a person who uses Firefox has the same seamless experience on your website as they do on Internet Explorer (all versions), Safari and any other browser they choose to use.

One goal that is shared by most companies is the desire to be number one on a Google search. To achieve this you typically need a combination of several SEO techniques. With a professionally designed website you get one important SEO tool built right into your website, the people who design the code are experts and produce code markup that is clean and easy to read, which is something search engine “spiders” love. In addition, some professional website design companies, like Tingalls Graphic Design, have in-house SEO copywriters who know how to create text for your website that is perfect for both human and computer visitors.

Contact Tingalls Graphic Design today to create your professionally designed website and watch your business grow.

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