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Tips on Planning for a Tradeshow

Tradeshow Tips from Tingalls Dzyn

Tradeshow Tips from Tingalls

Too many companies sign up for a tradeshow and then forget about it until a month before the show when they realize they’re going to need some material. Some companies don’t even put that much planning into it. To get the most out of a tradeshow and have the best attendee response you need to plan for the event.
The first thing to remember is that a tradeshow is a marketing event and this means it needs to be treated like every other marketing event. You need to define your goals and then identify the metrics you will use to see if you’re meeting them.
Then, it’s time to create your game plan and figure out what technique you’re going to use to achieve your goals. This can be as simple as handing out a brochure or as involved as creating an entire interactive presentation with a supporting social media campaign. Your approach to tackling your company goals is unique to your business and your philosophy.
Your tradeshow booth presence should be a primary concern when planning for the event as it becomes your first impression in many cases. You can have an incredible building, but if you have a dumpy, unoriginal tradeshow booth that may be the impression you give many attendees, or worse yet, they may not remember you at all. Get creative and come up with a way to stand out from the other booths.
Take your tradeshow off grounds. Consider a custom landing page that takes your visitors out of the tradeshow and really shows them what you have to offer. A custom landing page for the tradeshow event is also a great way to monitor if people are connecting with your tradeshow message. You can encourage them to click on a web link, enter a web address or, better yet, simply scan in a QR code and they’re at your tradeshow page. This simple page can be customized to either promote your entire company or speak specifically about your presence at the tradeshow. The landing page is a great way to track who was interested enough to enter the page and then who proceeded to the main website for more information. This can be an incredibly valuable tool for salespeople.
Remember to have a handout. While technology is great and should be incorporated, people still like to get something at a tradeshow. In fact, your old-fashioned, paper handout may create a greater impression than a technological one. Hedge your bets and have both.
Look within your own company. Make sure the entire company is aware of the upcoming tradeshow and what your goals are. Ask for input from your employees as they typically will have some insights into the company that your marketing department may not have. They may also be involved in the target goal at some point in the process, so it’s best to get them involved at the outset.
A successful tradeshow requires a marketing plan and time to execute it efficiently. Make the most of your tradeshow presence and begin planning as soon as possible. Contact Tingalls to help you prepare for your next tradeshow.