The Importance of Font

Importance of Font Selection

Importance of Font Selection

You put a lot of thought into your company colors, the images or icons you’ll use to represent your company, the placement of elements on your website and print materials, but did you stop to consider the font style you’d use to convey your message? Font selection is just as important, if not more important, than all of the other elements combined. The wrong font and your company message (or even the name) could be confusing, even downright unreadable.

Sometimes the font choice is pretty obvious, a construction firm won’t be represented well by a font that looks like a calligraphy master created it. Likewise, a wedding planner probably won’t want to select a bold and boxy font. But, beyond that, selecting a font can be a little more complicated. This is where professional graphic designers are an important resource. They not only have professional experience that guides them in selecting a font, they also know, through experience, how certain fonts are perceived by a general audience.

Also, it’s important to note that you’re not tied to one font. If you are the wedding planner above, your name may be very embellished with curlicues all over the place, but you certainly don’t want that in your text, it’d be impossible to read. Although, you may want to consider using a font in your text that is more sweeping and graceful than say, Times New Roman. All of these fonts can work together to help establish your website’s feel and your company branding.

The entire field of graphology is based on the belief that your handwriting says a lot about your personality and character, now that the world has gone digital it’s only logical that your font says a lot about your company.

At Tingalls Graphic Design we have a huge font library at our disposal with 1000’s of fonts to choose from. But probably most valuable is our experience with fonts and the perceptions that are tied to them.

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