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3 Reasons to Repeat Your Contact Information

Repeat Contact Information - Tingalls Dzyn

Having contact information on every page of your website might seem redundant, especially when you’ve got an entire contact page, but you want it to be as easy as possible for customers to reach you. But beyond this reason, there are some search engine specific reasons why you should include your contact information on every page of your website.

Location Searches
Local searches have become very important to search engines lately as they’re trying to tailor the user experience. You can contribute to the latest trend by including your address, making it easier for users to instantly know where you are located, no matter what page they land on.
*Boost your local appeal by registering your company website with Google Places.

Landing Page
As we hinted above, a potential customer doesn’t always land on your home page when they enter your site, they may somehow find a page deep in your directory and start their search there. Helping them reach out to you by including your contact information on every page is just smart business.

Keyword Repetition
If you’ve looked into SEO at all, you know that keywords are vital to a website being found, and while you may have optimized each and every page for your products and services, have you optimized them for your company name enough? By adding contact information to every page you give yourself one more time to list your company name in a totally legitimate way.

Remember, the web world is a bit different than the traditional print world and what might seem redundant in print is acceptable on the web. So list that contact information on every single page of your website.