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3 Key Components to a Good Logo Design

Good Logo Design at Tingalls Dzyn

Good Logo Design

If you’re considering replacing your company’s logo or you’re trying to come up with your first logo design, there are three key components to a good logo design that will help you find a logo that best suits your company image.
Simple Logos
In a very practical sense, a complicated logo isn’t easy to reproduce. What may look great on a sheet of paper becomes a bit more blurry when printed on a small business card and suddenly resembles a smudge when printed on a pen. A complicated logo is also more difficult for your customers, current and potential, to remember. Think of the most famous logos that instantly pop into your head; the Nike swoosh, Coca-Cola’s simple red script, McDonald’s golden M, Volkswagen’s VW in the blue circle, etc. All of these logos are simple, easy to recognize, and remember.
Appropriate Logos
A logo should be appropriate for the company it’s representing, this doesn’t necessarily mean it should be obviously tied to it though. Imagine the lettering used in the ToysRUs logo used by a law firm, not appropriate at all. And, although the ToysRUs logo doesn’t actually have any toys in it, it’s very appropriate for the company with its childlike script and bright colors. Examine your logo design to see if it conflicts with your company image or message in any way or if it’s complementary and appropriate.
Memorable Logos
And that obviously brings us to our next point. You want your logo to be remembered. You want people to see that logo and instantly know who you are. There is no question when you see the swoosh that it belongs to Nike or that the green mermaid is Starbucks. By sticking to the above keys of keeping your logo simple and appropriate you move much closer to achieving a memorable logo. After all, if your logo isn’t memorable then how will people ever associate it with your company and all that you have to offer?
Do you have a company logo? How about a logo guide? Tingalls Graphic Design can help you come up with a unique logo designed specifically for your company and then we’ll provide you with a logo guide that you can always refer to so your logo never deviates.