New Google Changes to Search Algorithm

More SEO Changes from Google

More SEO Changes from Google

Google has done it again, they’ve just announced another change to their algorithm but this one is expected to have a very significant impact, possibly affecting up to 35% of all searches. The new focus of the algorithm is on getting fresher and more-timely results for queries.

Many Google searches are time sensitive and the people searching want the most recent news or cutting edge information and Google is now attempting to respond with up to the minute fresh information.

What does this mean to website owners? It means that keeping current on your website and adding news or blogs will help your website appear fresh and packed with news. This is great news for clients who are already taking advantage of the benefits of producing fresh, new and relevant content on a regular basis. If you’d like to implement this strategy and aren’t currently, contact Tingalls to discuss how you can incorporate a news page or a blog to your website.

But do you NEED to change your website? No, remember the change is only going to affect about a third of search results. It may have no effect on your website and may not relate directly to your business. In situations where the answers to the search query are evergreen, such as “best apple pie recipe” you’ll still get the best result, not the newest.

Also, because there is an obvious way for spammers to take advantage of this change it’s clear that this is not the only factor that will be used to determine a website’s ranking. Google has long been saying that they want relevant sites with quality information to rank well, not sites that are just overloaded with meaningless information. What this means is that tried and tested SEO techniques are still golden and the best way to optimize your website. This Google algorithm change just gives a little more weight to one specific SEO tool.

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