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Getting Friendly with QR Codes

A while back we introduced you to QR codes, but what do you do with this new

QR Code in Action

found friend? Well, if you use your QR codes well and take advantage of the benefits their friendship has to offer you can quickly turn them into your business’s BFF.
If you’re still asking, “What is a QR code?” we’ll briefly explain. A QR code is a barcode that is adapted for use with smart phones. Basically, that’s all a QR code is. But what makes QR codes special and a wonderful tool for marketing and branding is that it can be tailored to bring a smart phone user to any website you want them to visit, whether it’s a static page with your company contact information or it’s a dynamic page that changes regularly.
So how can you take advantage of your new friend, the QR code, and use him to help you market your company. Well, it just so happens that he’s an excellent marketer, not only telling your audience about your business, but he can actually take customers right to your door. By attaching a QR code to all of your marketing materials, print advertising, television ads, t-shirts, pens, and other take away products you give your potential customers a portal to your website that they can take with them and use over and over again.
QR codes are not like company logos, you can keep changing them and develop different ones for different applications. Use them to download contact details rather than entering them by hand, save the date directly to your calendar, buy a product, send a Tweet, get directions, like a Facebook page, or keep people updated on ever changing information. A QR code can also be changed regularly so it’s something people return to over and over again, i.e. tips of the day, recipes, or contest results.
QR codes are particularly useful for events that have a lot of activities occurring throughout the day. Event goers can then check the QR code website for an updated schedule, to review results of what has previously occurred and even to view pictures that are being taken at the event.
One of the best aspects of QR codes is that they’re free and easy to create and the application to decode them on a smart phone is also free. It’s a win/win situation for both business and customer.
If you’re interested in furthering your QR code friendship, contact Tingalls Graphic Design about incorporating them into your marketing approach.