Beware of SEO Scams

Avoid SEO Scams

Avoid SEO Scams

You’ll notice that Tingalls Graphic Design has added some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to our roster and we’re proud to announce that our clients have seen results in the placement of their website on search engines, especially the coveted Google. But we’ll never guarantee that you’ll get a first place placement on Google or even that you’ll reach the first page because this is something no one can ensure. That’s right, whether you’re using good, legitimate SEO techniques or if you’re trying every dirty trick in the book you still cannot guarantee placement on the search engines.

We felt it was important to point out this fact because lately we’ve been flooded with scammers promising just that and we didn’t want any of our valued clients to fall victim to these ploys.

The goal behind optimizing a website for search engines is to make you more visible, to clearly define your website purpose and function, to be more user friendly and ultimately to get more people to click onto your site. Good, legitimate SEO accomplishes all of these targets and creates lasting benefits to your website, not brief flashes of manufactured activity.

In the past keywords and links were the golden tickets to SEO and suddenly the scammers started keyword stuffing and link farming. The search engines are run by very smart people who know all about these scams and signing up with an agency that will boost your ranking with these methods may actually get your website pulled from the search engine.

A well rounded SEO plan looks at your meta information (“behind the scenes” data) to make sure you’re hitting the right keywords, your content is user friendly and you’ve appropriately categorized your website. We’ll look at each page of content to see what keywords you’re using most frequently and help you decide if these are the best choices or if there are better ones by using a keyword research tool. We’ll show you ways to legitimately increase your keyword saturation through title tags, location headers and footers, and SEO copywriting. You’ll learn how important fresh, keyword-rich content is and how you can use social media to enhance the visitor experience.

Tingalls Graphic Design is committed to staying on top of the ever changing field of SEO and always bringing you solid SEO strategies.

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