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Tips for Small Companies to Increase Business

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Being a small business, you don’t have the resources your bigger competition does but you do have the advantage of being more directly connected to your clients so how do you turn this into your biggest asset and use it to increase business?
Give Them More than They Expect
If you promise a client the moon and the stars and fall short of your promises you’re going to look bad and the client may never return. But if you promise them a reasonable and adequate job for a fair price and then end up giving them the moon and the stars that client is not only going to come back but they’re going to refer you to everyone they know. Now, it doesn’t have to be that extreme obviously but always give a little more than your client expects and they will appreciate it and return the favor in positive word of mouth.
The Customer is Always Right
Now everyone knows the customer isn’t always right, but they should never feel like they’re wrong. Go that extra step with your company’s customer service so that each and every customer feels like they’re important and that you’re on their side.
Reward Loyalty
Have you ever heard about someone getting $100 from your phone company for switching to their service while you, the loyal customer, get nothing? Not only does that anger loyal customers but it’s completely illogical. Take the opposite approach and reward your loyal customers over and over again so they know you value them and appreciate their business.
Low Tech Communication
Modern etiquette may be changing but there’s something to be said for doing things the old fashioned way. An Evite to a wedding isn’t nearly as appropriate or tasteful as a traditional embossed snail mail wedding invitation. Similarly, a handwritten thank you and personally signed birthday card to your clients holds a lot more weight than a form letter or an email. Let them know they’re worth that extra effort.
High Tech Communication
While low tech is a nice touch, high tech is absolutely essential. Hopefully you’ve already created a company website, are listed in local search engines and know how to conduct business through email and even Skype. But now it’s time to step up your game and become familiar with social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. These are the big three and your company should have a presence in each one, even if it’s just to boost your search engine rankings. But learning to communicate to your customers through Facebook trumps the old email blasts and can keep you top of mind, which in turn increases your word of mouth business.
Let Tingalls Graphic Design help you boost your business by creating company thank you cards that you can send to clients just to let them know you appreciate their support.