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3 Key Components to a Good Postcard/Brochure Design

If you’re handing out print materials to your customers there are three key components

RR Global Services Postcard

that will help you create good print marketing materials. It doesn’t matter whether you are considering a simple postcard or a more complicated brochure; these tips will make your material more inviting and informative to the public.
Defined Purpose
The very first question you should ask yourself before designing a postcard or a brochure is what is your goal or your purpose. What are you trying to tell your audience? What action do you want them to take? You may find that you actually have a couple goals; perhaps you want to tell them about a wonderful new product you offer and you want to encourage them to place an order. This is fine as long as you know exactly what the purpose of your print material is. But remember, combining too many things together will dilute everything and your message will get lost. It’s best to just focus on just one or a couple goals.
The next thing to consider when designing a postcard or a brochure is its readability. You want to provide information and/or inspire someone to do something, but they’ll never know that if they can’t understand what you’re saying or if the design of the material is too confusing to be easily digested. Carefully consider the words you use and the layout of your material so it flows logically and clearly states your defined purpose.
Once you’ve determined what you want to present and in what manner you’re going to present it, then it’s time to uncover the most appealing way to get that message across. You want eye-catching material that makes the recipient want to look it over, hold it in their hands, and spend some time absorbing the information you worked so hard at providing. The last thing you want is something that goes directly from their hands to a wastebasket.
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