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What should I blog about?

By Tara Ingalls, owner Tingalls Graphic Design, LLC
I’m often asked by clients what I blog, tweet and post about in social media. Here’s a short list we refer to on a daily basis:
– support your clients! post news clips or accolades of your clients
– share industry tips & tricks; be the first to comment on a new technique
– introduce new employees or promotions in your company
– help others by posting a simple solution to a common problem
– note customer’s FAQs
– boast your company’s successes, milestones, vision, mission
– share client testimonials; When you say it about yourself it’s bragging, when they say it about you, it’s proof!
– create original thoughts on industry trends
– link to articles, videos, or content in your industry
– engage your audience by posting a “question of the day”
– remind people how your different from your competition
– give referrals; connect your clients to each other
– post good deeds; community service
– say thank you
I hope this was helpful in generating at least one or two new ideas. Do you have someĀ  you’d like to share with our readers? Let us know!