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How a Blog Can Enhance Your Website Design’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Add a blog to enhance website seo

In a day and age where consumers feel overwhelmed with ceaseless distractions, it’s so crucial to be a calm, reliable voice in the online community. Digital marketing ads creep into side banners or (more boldly) pop up right in the middle of our device screens kind of like a desperate male peacock putting on his best dancing moves to attract a mate. Colors, words, or even sometimes just a logo flash by, all in the hopes to gain a few seconds of real estate inside the viewer’s thoughts.

Stay current, not swept up and away with it

Google, that giant of Internet engines, frequently changes its algorithm of how results are returned to user searches, i.e. who makes the top of the search list and so on. While their formula is invisible to outsiders, two factors that noticeably carry a lot of weight in their score are consistent activity and keywords. Both of these criteria reflect a lot about a business, but especially one significant element: They are listening to their customer online. How can you tell? Easy.

Two clear signs a business is listening online

  1. Keywords: When a business lands on the first page of Google search results, it’s evident they’re doing their research on keywords used by consumers when searching online. They’ve made sure those keywords are sprinkled throughout the content they’re publishing. (We’ll discuss keywords and SEO another time, so stay tuned.)
  2. Consistent Activity: Customers ARE watching. If people see a business only posting canned content on social media at the same time on certain days of the week or (worse) just once or twice a month, they’ll know the business is distracted elsewhere. Broken links on a website? That’s like a business taking prospective customers on a road trip only to ditch them at a rest stop.

Simple yet impactful: Boosting your online presence with a blog

  • A blog on your website is an opportunity to check both boxes of keywords and consistent activity. Again, you want to be a calm and reliable voice out there.
  • Blogs are also a great way to create a regular connection with your consumer past the limitations of posts on social media. (Email marketing is not dead! More on that another time.)
  • If we do business with those we know, like, and trust, blogging is an opportunity to check those boxes, too. Reach your audience, build credibility through education about your team, product(s), and/or service(s), and sow seeds of prospective sales to harvest in time.
  • Feeling swamped already and wondering how you’ll find the time to now blog regularly? Again, the answer is a simple one: Create the time if improving your spot on the search ranks is important to you, or hire an excellent copywriter to blog for you.
  • Small steps eventually turn into big strides. A blog entry once a week adds up to 52 entries in one year!

So many people want to move up the ranks of Google search and can’t afford to pay for ads. Yes, adding a blog to a website design is a big-time investment but if you were to write just one article per week, that will be 52 new website pages in a year which can reap great dividends in search engine ranking.


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