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Why Use Customized Web Design Features?

Customized Web Design FeaturesA custom web design should represent the unique ideas your business brings to your customers. That includes user-friendly web design features that promise to add functionality and give your brand identity online. Today’s professional web designers are capable of developing the overall layout. They can produce designs to meet the needs of modern websites that online DIY website platforms simply cannot. Using custom images, text and features, these designers communicate ideas with creativity that can’t come from a template.


Customization improves your website functionality and makes the user experience that much better. Tingalls website designers know first-hand about the success customized functionality has on a website. Over the years, we have worked on a broad array of specific website functions that our customers have requested. The result is a showcase of website attributes that not only create real purpose but also increase customer satisfaction.

Here are just a few examples of our work:


Project Database with Filter

Displaying searchable, filtered data in a list is nothing new. Making that list available through a gorgeous array of images as yet another user-friendly web design feature not only looks good but functions well too. It’s a feature that makes it that much easier for users to find what they are looking for at a glance. Fund for Lake Michigan requested such a feature. The project database had to have an easy to use dropdown filter and look fantastic. With the vibrant imagery of their funds’ projects – it came together beautifully.

Web Design Filtered Gallery

Eye-catching icons 

A well-designed icon not only breaks up copy and makes content easier to read but also offers simple clues to meaning. Making those icons customized for your site creates a professional look and, to be honest, is just cool. Our clients, Informational Technology Professionals, and JT Law make terrific use of uniquely designed icons each used in a slightly different way.


Custom Website Icons Custom Designed Icons


“Mad Libs” Visitor Selector 

Information Technology hits it out of the park once again with a Tingalls designed “mad libs” selector on their homepage as their choice of a user-friendly web feature. Once their customer selects the right fill-in-the-blank words from an easy to use dropdown, this feature jumps to the right area of the site with the information that the user is seeking. 


Mad Lib Web Design Feature


Fully Responsive Images

Users often use different devices, screen sizes, and window sizes to view your website. Creating a fully responsive image that intuitively presents itself based on the window size it’s being seen in is pure magic and a must-have user-friendly web feature! Your beautiful photos or graphics will be presented correctly in any width monitor with this feature. Sketch Works Architecture used it on their hero image to make an impressive impact on their homepage. 


Responsive Imagery

Timeline Graphic

General Communications is one of Wisconsin’s largest two-way radio and vehicle lighting dealers. When they wanted a quick way to show their history to their website audience. Tingalls offered them a neat visual timeline to display their milestones at a glance. They featured it on their homepage, and now it’s an easy way for their customers to see the impact the company has had in the industry. 


Timeline 1


Third-Party App Integration

Integrating third-party apps within a website is made much easier when the site is customized with that app in mind. Our designers worked with the Fluno Center, a premier event and conference center with lodging and dining facilities, to make the reservation process as seamless as possible. Their third-party reservation app tucks in nicely at the top of the homepage and moves their customers through the check-in process with ease.

Reservation Feature - Custom Web Design Madison WI


Video Integration

It’s all about video these days, and predictions are that the medium is only going to be seen more. Integrating your videos into your website keeps your audience on your page. Modular Trail Structures uses a gorgeous aerial viewpoint video that follows the path of one of their trails. It automatically plays when you land on their homepage, which shows visitor immediately what they are all about. There is also a link to YouTube in the lower right corner of the video if their customer wants to view it completely and share it with others. 

Custom Web Design Madison WI


Online Applications  

In today’s employment market, capturing the information of interested applicants is more important than ever! Keeping it easy and flexible is what applicants expect. Community Living Connections needed a longform that was super easy to navigate through. Tingalls designed a form to collect the required information in the required format and made it part of the website. This way, potential applicants don’t have to go to another site and risk possible confusion during the process. 


Imbedded WEb Form


Boxed Options Don’t Compare

Customized, user-friendly web features don’t come in a box. It takes a professional web designer to build the perfect attribute for your company’s website and make it work for your customers. We’ll collaborate with you and ensure your vision comes to life while integrating it into a great looking site. Why not make sure your website represents all your business has to offer? Contact us today to explore your web design possibilities.