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How to Get the Most Out of Every Networking Event

Blog3_morenetworkingNetworking events can be wonderful opportunities to generate leads and make new business contacts, or they can represent wasted hours that would be better spent on other parts of your business. The difference, more often than not, is in the approach you take.
To help give you a better idea of what we mean, here are a few easy ways to get more from every networking event…
Plan Ahead – look to see what kinds of people will be at the event, and put some thought into your strategy. To whom do you want to introduce yourself, and what kind of impression do you want to leave them with?
Look Your Best – first impressions count for a lot, so you should be at your sharpest if you’re going to attend a networking event. Do whatever you can to look your best. It will help you to make a great impression, and give you a sense of confidence when you’re meeting new people.
Come Prepared – don’t leave important conversations to chance. Have an “elevator speech” and a few talking points ready, so you can quickly and concisely explain to others what you can do for them.
Put Momentum on Your Side – don’t let days or weeks go by before you follow up with your new contact. Busy people have short memories, so take advantage of momentum and set meetings and follow-up appointments as quickly as possible.
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