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What is an Hour of Great Design Work Worth?

Blog_HourofDesignOccasionally, when we are in the process of meeting with new clients, we will notice a pause in the conversation – or even a raise of the eyebrow – when we mention our hourly design rate. This usually happens when the client has been meeting with a freelancer who quoted a much lower rate, and maybe even less than half of what we charge.
Sometimes they are too polite to ask, but we can tell they always want to know: where does the money go? And is it worth it?
Only you can decide what makes sense within your marketing budget, of course, but we would like to take a moment to point out that “a lower hourly rate” rarely translates into “a better deal.” There are a couple of big reasons why…
Accomplished Design Talent is Worth More — Tingalls Graphic Design has been around since 2000, and we have nearly half a century of combined graphic design experience. And, with thousands of successful projects under our belt, we can show a proven track record of success.
Experience Means Efficiency — In addition to having half a dozen designers on staff, we also have dedicated project managers for every job. By involving multiple members of our team, we ensure your project is never on hold because one of our designers is creatively “stuck” – or on vacation for that matter. This is also how we’re able to maintain our unrivaled five day turnaround.
Fewer Revisions = Smaller Invoices — Because our experienced team knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently, our projects require fewer revisions keeping your final bill within budget, or below. So, while you might be paying more for each hour of work, we generally need fewer of them to do an exceptional job.
In closing, having a low hourly fee looks good on a proposal, but be sure you understand what you’re getting for that hour and how many hours will take to get the job completed to your satisfaction. Tingalls delivers our very best creative work on every project with exceptional turnaround. What might take us 1 hour might take a designer at half our rate four which in the end costs your company more, not less.