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March Spoons Update!

The coveted Spoons League Scepter - Tingalls Graphic Design

The coveted Spoons League Scepter – Tingalls Graphic Design

March Madness indeed! The Spoons games at Tingalls Graphic Design have reached critical mass. In a close run game, JoAnna, the January Champion reclaimed her bejeweled Spoon Scepter from upstart Alyssa. The final game was filled with tears of joy and anguish as the winners were sorted from the losers, the women from the girls.
JoAnna, always the picture of humility, graciously accepted the Bejeweled Spoon Scepter in a ceremony on March 31st at the Tingalls Office. Though she declined an interview, sources close to her say she was confident the whole time, had little doubt about her abilities to reclaim the title.
This second victory comes under the shadow of rather serious allegations. The Spoon League Rules Committee has called an emergency meeting to re-define some of the critical terms and acceptable maneuvers.
What follows are the official Tingalls Graphic Design Spoons League Rules, as of April 2nd, 2015, submitted and approved by the Spoons League Rules Committee.
Proposed Spoons Rules 4.2.15

Preparation – Place spoons (one less than the number of players) in the center of the table. In lieu of spoons, Tingalls Graphic Design Spoons League Players will use representations of seasonal objects. (See appendix A)- Shuffle a deck of 52 playing cards.
– Deal 3 cards to each player.
Game Play – Dealer takes the top card from the deck and discards a card to their left.- All other players take a card discarded by the player on their right and subsequently discard a card to their left.
– Play continues until a player has three of a kind in their hand.
– The fourth of a kind triggers a win and a spoons grab.
The Spoons – The first player to have four of a kind picks up a spoon and receives 2 (two) points.- All other players attempt to grab a spoon once the first player has done so. Those who successful grab a spoon gain 1 (one) point.
– The player who does not get a spoon receives no points.
Optional Play Players rotate seats, each moving one to the left. The deck of cards stays at the dealer station.
Winning the Game The highest point total after each player has dealt (a full rotation) is the winner for the game. The last day of the month, points are totaled and a champion is named and awarded the Bejeweled Spoon Scepter.
Additional Rules When discarding, a player may reclaim the card IF their hand has not left the card. Once contact with the card is broken, that card cannot be reclaimed. 
When receiving a passed card, a player may only look at one card at a time.

The new rules will be ratified and uniformly practiced sometime in April. There is some concern among players. “Changing positions mid-game disrupts the rhythm,” says Champion JoAnna. Conversely, newcomer Eric says, “These new rules will help level the playing field for everyone.”
The proof will be in the next month’s scores. Stay tuned for more updates on the Tingalls Spoons League!