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Ask the Expert: Google Mobile Search Update … More Mobilegeddon!

tingalls_mobileIn our ongoing efforts to keep clients and friends up to date, here are the latest questions from our FAQ file:
Question: My website looks fine on my phone, but Google indicates it’s not mobile-friendly. What’s the deal?
Answer: Websites can be made “responsive,” which means they change shape and layout based on the detected user display size. That is not mobile-friendly. Responsive is more about adapting to various screen resolutions and display sizes.
Question: After this update, if my site isn’t optimized, will I not appear in search results at all?
Answer: This update will only affect mobile searches – that is, searches for sites done using phones, smart phones, and feature phones. Searches performed on desktops and tablets will not be affected. However, recent statistics indicate 60% of all searches are from mobile units. Sites that are not mobile-friendly will still appear in the search results, but perhaps at a lower rank.
Question: Why is Google doing this?
Answer: Google is always trying to provide users with the best experience possible. This update is logical – mobile users want sites that their phones can read and display easily. This isn’t a punishment – it’s a sign of Google adapting to the changes in their user base.
 Question: When will this update be released?
Answer: The update is set to begin roll out April 21st. Google is staging the roll out and says it’ll take about a week to complete.
 Question: Does Google consider Tablets to be mobile devices?
Answer: No. They are considered a third class of device.
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