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The January Spoons Showdown!

The coveted Spoons League Scepter - Tingalls Graphic Design

The coveted Spoons League Scepter

The competition is really heating up at Tingalls Graphic Design, the national headquarters of the Tingalls Spoons League. At this point in the season, the championship is really still up in the air. There is a clear rivalry between Project Manager JoAnna, and Tingalls founder, Tara. Both are expert players with little mercy for the less experienced.
If you’re just joining us for coverage of this great sporting event, here’s a quick recap: The team at Tingalls Graphic Design hold Spoons tournaments weekly, monthly, and yearly. Each team member competes for the honor and glory of the Bejeweled Spoon. Last season, JoAnna, Project Manager Extraordinaire, clearly dominated the league. A veteran player, JoAnna was hampered by aspersions of Spoon-Doubling. The league banned Spoon-Doubling in 2011.
“Tingalls staff is just as competitive as it is creative.  I will not rest until my face adores the winner board for 2015!” said JoAnna, “After a rousing round of Spoons, all team members are amped up and bring that creative energy to all of their work. Productivity has proven to be higher, and of superior quality.” JoAnna refused to comment on allegations of Spoon-Doubling.
This dramatic competition of champions extends through the organization to all competitors. Whitney, Senior Graphic Designer and Graphic Designer Alyssa, are currently tied for third place. Next is Project Manager Britt, closely followed by Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Kallie. Trailing in last place is newcomer Copy Writer and SEO expert, Eric.
“This is a fierce league and good club,” said Eric. “I’m just happy to have a chance to play against pros. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to compete professionally as a Spoons player.”
The last game of the January Championship was played Friday, January 30, 2015. In an unexpected upset, referees halted the game as the favored-for-champion player, Tara, appeared to be Spoon-Doubling. After a timeout and investigation, it was decided there was no evidence of wrongdoing.
By the third round, scores were up, but the set went to Alyssa. There is no other way to describe this month’s championship game as epic. High drama, with career-long opponents meeting head to head. There can be only one winner, as we all know, and through the trials and tribulations, JoAnna emerged as a clear victor.
In a post event interview, Tara made clear her intention to regain the Bejeweled Spoon, “Oh, it’s on for February! I’ve been working with a personal trainer on some arm elongation stretches for optimal reach.”
Join us next month for an update on February Tingalls Spoons League!