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The Best Way to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page

The Best Way to Set Up Your Facebook Fan PageFor many business owners, a Facebook Fan page can be a great asset in connecting with customers, sharing products or services, or stating your opinion on a topic that’s relevant to your audience. Setting up this page correctly is a critical factor in how successful it can become. We’ve seen Facebook Fan Pages set up in a way that actually hurts a business. That’s why Tingalls Graphic Design is sharing some best practices that you can act upon today.
Step 1: Begin with Your Personal Facebook Page
Since most people already have a personal Facebook page, we’re not going to dive into how to create one in this article. If you do need help with this, visit Facebook’s Help Center for more info. When I mention connecting a Facebook Fan Page to an individual’s personal Facebook account, I’m often asked why. The simple reason is this: setting up a Facebook Fan Page under a fake person’s account is a tactic that can burn your credibility to the ground. Setting up a “second” personal Facebook page with your name, that’s strictly for your business, is also a bad idea.
When you set up your Fan Page, it’s very much its own entity and disassociated from your personal page. In other words, if you have 1,000 likes on your Facebook Fan Page, none of those people can see your personal page — UNLESS they’re one of your friends. They’ll be able to see the dazzling posts on your Fan Page, but not the pictures of your kids or the pumpkin pie recipe you shared on your personal page.
Step 2: Set up your Fan Page
This is easy, even if you’re not tech-savvy. To set up your Facebook Fan page, go to your personal page and look at the navigation choices on the left. Toward the middle of the page, you will see a headline that says, “Pages.” Below that you will find a bunch of buttons, including these:

Facebook Fan Page

Click on the create page button with the little plus sign next to it.
The next page you see will look like this:

Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page Choose the appropriate category. When you click on a box, it will give you a bit more info and have you start creating the Fan Page. Follow the directions, and pick the best answers possible. As you work through the page creation, you may find that there isn’t always a perfect answer or category fit. Just pick the best option, and move on.

Step 3: Populate Every Nook & Cranny!
Once the page is created, it’s time to populate it with good stuff. Thoroughly filling out these sections will add value to your Fan Page.

Add a Profile Pic & Cover Photo
The profile pic is small and square, while the cover photo is more cinematic. Click on each to add a photo from your hard drive. And make sure you give those photos keyword-rich names.

Populate the About & Photos Sections
Just below the cover photo, you’ll see a bunch of tabs you can click on.

Choose About and add as much detail as possible. Next move onto Photos. This section will self-populate over time (as you add posts to your timeline), but if there’s anything you want to add go ahead and upload. Again, remember to name ALL of your photos with relevant keywords to improve the SEO value!

Step 4: Get Some Likes
Toward the top of the page, on the left hand side, there should be a friends’ list. You can hand select who you want to invite to your page, or you can send an invite to everybody. Since 100 likes is a good milestone to meet, we suggest inviting as many people as you can from this list. They are all friends or family members, right?
Step 5: Get Reviewed
If you have clients that are happy with your work or products, you can ask them to write a review on your Facebook Fan Page. If you have employees, they can do the same. This section is located at the bottom left of the Facebook Fan Page.
Need more help?
Check out the Tingalls Graphic Design Facebook Fan Page for an example of a successful page.
We hope these strategies help you create a wildly successful Facebook Fan Page. If you’re one of our customers, let us know when it’s live and we’ll be happy to like it!