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Can You Picture Using Pinterest to Get More Customers?

Although it doesn’t get the attention that social media giants Facebook and Twitter do, Pinterest has quickly gathered more than 10 million users, and is one of the fastest-growing sites around. With image-based topics and posts, it isn’t just a different spin on social networking, but also a unique marketing forum for businesses of all sizes.
In fact, some companies (and especially retailers) consider Pinterest to be the best social site for attracting new customers. Could you take advantage and use it to get people to think about your company and products?
Here are Tingalls top seven tips for Pinterest marketing:
1. Spend some time with the site. As with anything in online marketing, you want to look before you leap. If you spend some time on Pinterest, you will get a sense of what your customers like and are looking for, and which categories make a good fit for your business.
2. Choose your images carefully. You don’t want to start dumping tons of product images directly onto the site, or sending any images that aren’t high quality. Instead, choose ones that seem particularly exciting or intriguing, so viewers will either pass them on or visit your website.
3. Make your content easy to find. Although Pinterest is mostly about images, you can’t afford to ignore keywords, hashtags, and other searchable forms of content. Even the best images won’t help you if customers can’t find them.
4. Create your own pinboard. With your own pinboard, you can keep adding images within different topics, themes, or subjects. So, as you build followers, you’ll have an easier time sharing images and content with them.
5. Encourage others to pin your photos. By including “Pin This” links with the images on your website, you make it possible for customers and contacts to instantly share pictures on their own pinboards, which can often have a bigger and longer-lasting effect than if you’d shared them yourself.
6. Link back to your own site. Ultimately, you want to create not only views, but attention for your products and services. By linking back to your site, you make it easy for interested potential customers to find out more, further the conversation, or even make a purchase.
7. Have fun and keep at it. Perhaps the best thing about Pinterest is that it’s just a lot of fun to use, so keep experimenting with the site – as well as your own marketing campaigns – and you are likely to find a formula that works for you.
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