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5 Ways for Businesses to Get More Fans on Facebook

Social media is changing the way people communicate, there is no question about it and it’s not going away. A decade ago we heard of people not having land line phones and only using cellular phones and many of us couldn’t imagine living like that. Now, we hear that teens no longer have email accounts and that they’re using social media instead. This means that Facebook, Twitter, and whatever comes along next, are some of the most important forms of communication.
If you’re already ahead of the curve and have a company Facebook page, then it’s time to turn your attention to acquiring more fans so you can reach more people with your message and get that top of mind territory with your customers. We’ve come up with 5 ways to boost your Facebook fan base, feel free to add your suggestions to our list.
Make it Easy
Don’t sit back and wait for the fans to come to you, make it easy for them to find you. Add Facebook tabs to your website, your blog, your QR codes, emails and anywhere else you can to encourage people to become a fan and do so instantly without any more difficulty than a click of the mouse.
New Content
Even with your established fans you’ll quickly be forgotten if you’re not posting content regularly. By posting content that others respond to and want to share you’re reaching into their friend/fan base and touching people that you normally may not have access to.
Exclusive Deals
People aren’t likely to become Facebook fans of some businesses just because they do business with them unless they get something out of the deal. So why not offer them something. Exclusive deals advertised on Facebook are very common and it can dramatically boost a fan base.
Be Interactive
Remember the name of the game is social, and you’re looking to establish relationships. Respond to wall posts and comments. Ask your fans questions and then don’t ignore their answers. You want them to feel like they belong and that requires a give and take.
Tag Photos
If you have a company event, take loads of photos, post them to your Facebook page and tag a few select people, encourage them to tag others in the pictures, this posts on their wall so their friends see it in a newsfeed, which may encourage them to tag more people, view your pictures, and/or become a fan of your business.
Remember that Facebook users can only like up to 500 pages, so you have to give them something they want or like to be selected as one of their chosen 500.
Leave a comment if you have other suggestions for increasing a Facebook fan base.