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3 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn - Tingalls Dzyn

How to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media website that helps professionals connect with each other and it provides a forum for people to find answers from experts in the field. It does seem a bit overwhelming and daunting at first, but people are using this site to find employees, new companies to work with, information and to network. If you want to take advantage of every opportunity available to your business then LinkedIn is a must.

Join Groups
If you join groups that are interested in the same areas you are or are based in the same field as your company, you’ve instantly got a professional base from which to find out about the latest industry news and updates and to share your own information and news. By joining groups that you have a connection with outside of your current company; such as university groups, previous employers, or groups established by business friends, you’ve suddenly opened up your future client base.

Watch the Competition
By watching what your competition is doing on LinkedIn you can get a little insight on ways to “out market” them or beat them to the punch. It can also give you an idea of things they might be doing wrong and that you can take advantage of. Similarly, make sure not to give away any trade secrets on your LinkedIn profile.

Tailor to Fit
Once you become proficient in LinkedIn you can tailor your page and information to reach out to the people who you are connected to. There are even analytics that can help you see who is following you, which can be very important information when you’re looking to reach out to your customers. LinkedIn is a fairly flexible environment that will give you back what you put into it.

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