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SEO Kernels of Wisdom from Tingalls Graphic Design

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a dynamic field designed to make your website more appealing to both human searchers and search engines. By following the guidelines listed below you’re website will establish a firm SEO foundation and help you tap into the power of the internet.

  1. Link building boosts your authority with the search engines.
  2. Base keywords/keyphrases on viewer search terms, not technical jargon.
  3. Don’t overlook your title tags – make every character count!
  4. Do you have a flash website? Recode to be found by search engines
  5. Images are invisible by search engines unless they are tagged.
  6. Ask clients to review you on Google Places.
  7. Add a blog to your website to continually refresh your content and springle in good keywords.
  8. Don’t subscribe to “Link Farms.”
  9. A good saturation level for important keywords is between 1-5%.
  10. SEO trickery can actually harm your website and can even boot you off a search engine.
  11. The bottom line in SEO is Text, Links, Popularity and Reputation.
  12. Real SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It can take weeks to months to climb in search results.
  13. No one can guarantee continuous 1st page placement.
  14. Surround video content on your pages with keyword rich text.
  15. Fresh content will help improve your rankings.
  16. Be sure links within your site use your keyword phrase instead of “click here.”
  17. The quickest way to get your site spidered is by having another quality site link to it.
  18. When link building, think quality, not quantity.
  19. Use keyword rich captions with all your images.
  20. Understand social marketing. It will boost your website’s SEO