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Why Hire a Professional to Design Your Logo?

Too many companies design their own company logos and then end up with a product that is unreadable, confusing and doesn’t portray them in the best light possible. Your logo should stand on its own and provide an instant mental link to your company. This is a big task and not something that should be taken lightly.
Professional logo designers know what logo colors are best suited for specific industries, which fonts people respond to, when and how to use negative space and how to space characters and images. But most importantly, professional logo designers have an artistic flair that sets your logo apart from the masses. Unlike clip art designs, you’ve got something that is unique and yours alone. This is immeasurably important when you consider you want your logo to stand for your business and you don’t want your reputation confused with or brought down by a shady company using the same clip art image in their logo.
When you hire a professional logo designer you’re getting training and experience that not everyone has. They not only have an education that covers the technical aspects of creating a logo design but examines consumer trends and marketing as well. They also have access to an entire toolkit of professional equipment that will make your logo look better than it ever could if it was designed on a home computer.
The Tingalls Graphic Design Process of Logo Design
When you hire Tingalls Graphic Design to create your logo you’ll instantly see the difference that is inherent in our approach.
Design input meeting – we gather input from our clients and ask the important questions we’ve learned make a difference in the finished product.

Logo Design Mood Board - Tingalls Dzyn

Logo Design Mood Board

Mood board – We take the information from the meeting and expand upon it to create a look and feel that represents the company and begins the element selection process.
Brainstorm – Three or four of our designers, with their combined 22 years of experience get together in our Logo Lounge and toss out their best ideas based on the information we’ve collected.

Logo Design Sketch - Tingalls Dzyn

Logo Design Sketch

Design/Edits – Our designers go about designing your logo with a few variations to represent the different ideas they’ve come up with. Throughout the process the client is encouraged to review and comment on their favorites.

Logo Design Final Logo - Tingalls Dzyn

Logo Design Final Logo

Logo Guide – Tingalls Graphic Design provides you with a logo guide which is a folder with all the details about your logo (fonts, colors, and file types) you’ll need to use your logo in the future. Our client’s tell us this is very valuable to their marketing.
If your company needs a logo or needs a refresh of an old one, contact Tingalls Graphic Design for a professionally designed logo that is one-of-a-kind and created specifically for  your business.