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Using Social Media for Trade Shows

Trade shows are unique marketing opportunities, you get access to a large group

Social Media for Trade Shows

Social Media for Trade Shows

of people who are there because they’re interested in some aspect of your industry, but your competition might be literally right next to you. So how do you maximize your presence at a trade show and make the most out of your exposure? By using a multipronged social media approach you can touch people before during and after the event and work to establish relationships rather than just brief encounters.
Types of Social Media
There are a number of social media outlets that can be brought into your trade show marketing plan, each has its own strengths and an approach that incorporates many different avenues is typically best.

  • Twitter – with only 140 characters available, this is a great way to pass along quick updates, announcements and special offers.
  • Facebook – Take advantage of the interactive nature of Facebook and request feedback from visitors. Bonus points to those companies who instantly react and incorporate Facebook suggestions.
  • LinkedIn – This is the more professional social media environment and should be used to connect with the people who seem most interested in your business.
  • Blogs/Newsletters – You can give more in-depth information to interested parties through your company blog or newsletter.
  • YouTube – If you have to explain anything that is even remotely complex or requires a visual, YouTube is an excellent resource that can be referred to again and again.

Market the Trade Show with Social Media
Creating a trade show marketing plan that incorporates social media from the outset can be your key to success

  • Plan marketing strategies for before the trade show, during the show and follow up strategies for after the show is over. Use social media to accomplish these strategies and communicate with your audience.
  • Hype the trade show through a variety of social media outlets. Use prizes, giveaways and other incentives to encourage people to show up.
  • Reach out to people during the trade show to remind them to stop by your venue and to promote any special events you have going on throughout the show.
  • Use social media to advertise what a success the trade show was.
  • Reach out to your booth visitors after the trade show through social media.
  • Make sure you review your social media use and how effective it was to help plan future trade show appearances.

Marry your trade show presence to social media even more by creating a specific trade show website for your company, its own Facebook page, add guest blogs from industry partners, create LinkedIn groups prior to the show, produce live event videos for YouTube. Create QR codes that link directly to product demonstrations, order forms, free t-shirt contests and more.
Make sure you visit Tingalls Graphic Design before any trade show to see how we can help.