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Saying “I Do” to Your Logo

Are you married to your logo? You should be.
It might sound silly, but committing to a logo for your business is a lot like committing to a life partner or spouse. It can leave a good or bad impression on your friends, family and clients. It can speak on your behalf when you’re unavailable. It can be a positive, rewarding and life changing partnership or end in disaster and debt.
Anything worth doing, whether cultivating a relationship or developing your business, is worth doing right. So why do some business owners settle for mediocre logo design? For the same reasons some individuals settle for a less desirable partner. They’re not willing to do the research to find out what works best for them.
Settling on the first logo that seems “fine” can be a big mistake as you’re thinking about a quick fix to the situation rather than creating a foundation for the future. Your company logo is a big part of the company and will be associated with it well into the future.
Logos also form a base for company branding. They help you establish a brand image and then, just their presence alone, can evoke those feelings associated to your brand.
So ask yourself: Do you take your logo to be a lawfully committed symbol of your business, to have and to hold from client #1 forward to client #1151, in your company’s infancy and in its growth, for building your brand, raising awareness and representing your business to the community, from your humble beginnings to when you hit it big, ‘til death do you part?
Is your logo a good partner in marriage to your company’s vision? Do you feel comfortable aligning your business with what your logo represents?
Considering logo design? Let Tingalls Graphic Design be your counselor in its development. With over ten years of experience, we’ll combine our talent and technical skills with your inspiration and feedback to create a logo that you’ll be proud to call your own.
Plus, when the logo is finished, you’ll receive a complimentary Branding Guide with directions on how to use your logo, a list of fonts and Pantone colors and a CD with various file formats to keep you logo consistent as your business moves forward. Check out our website for more information or give us a shout at 608-268-5525.