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11 Tips to Boost Business in 2011

1. Be seen as a Pro. Write an article about your profession or services and submit it to your local newspaper or neighborhood association’s newsletter. Sometimes they’ll offer a free ad next to your article in exchange for the content.
2. Check your Benefits. Most organizations offer free advertisements or business listings in their publications when you become a new member. Check with your organizations to see that you’re reaping all your member benefits.
3. Join forces. Contact vendors you regularly do business with. You may have the same niche and can share client lists.
4. Exhibit. Showcase your services or products at an upcoming tradeshow. Be sure to have a drawing at your booth to gather prospect’s contact information. The gift should be a certificate for your services rather than a random gift certificate.
5. Be generous. Offer your services for free or at a discount to nonprofits. This not only helps your community but also builds goodwill.
6. Get Social. Social media is the #1 activity on the web. Do you have a company you’ve been trying to connect with? LinkedIn is a great social media website that allows you to connect to other business professionals. You can even ask for introductions and recommendations. Facebook Fan pages are free and you can offer exclusive services or prices to those in your fan base. There’s nothing better than having clients rave about your business to their friends and family.
EXTRA TIP: Learn how to set up your own Facebook Fan Page.
7. Door Prize Create a service gift certificate and bring it to the next networking event to be given out as a door prize.
8. Tap into friends and family. You never know who your next big client could be – it could be your uncle Bob! Be sure to add them to your general mailing list.
9. Trade. Offer to barter or trade your products for services you need. i.e. BadgerBarter.com
10. Think Outside the Box. Instead of your standard square postcard or brochure, try a postcard with rounded edges or a multi-fold brochure; something different to catch the eye.
11. Network. Network. Network. Madison offers many free or inexpensive networking opportunities to help build word of mouth advertising.