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Why Go Freelance?

Freelance graphic designers like Tingalls Design are the perfect alternative to advertising agencies when you have the basic idea or message, you just need someone to execute it.
Let’s say you need a basic advertisement designed for a magazine. Because freelancers use the most up-to-date desktop publishing software, what could take you hours to complete using Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, could take a freelancer a half hour and cost you less than $100
It’s important to ask yourself the following questions:
(1) How valuable is my time?
(2) What sales will be lost by spending hours on designing this ad?
(3) Will it be professional and meet the requirements of my printer?
Consider your answers and if you’ve reached a point of frustration or feel you’re wasting valuable sales time, pick up the phone and call a freelancer … you’ll be happy you did.
Another important reason to choose a design firm is their quick turnaround. At most freelance design firms, projects can be completed in just a couple of days, and you work directly with your designer, no account reps or red tape to deal with. Tingalls will even coordinate print quotes and proofing for you making your job even easier.
Many times as a business owner, we have difficulty stepping back and “looking in” objectively on our business from our customers’ perspectives. A freelancer has the background and knowledge to ask the right questions to tailor the project to meet your exact needs. For example they’ll ask, “Who is your target audience?” As a business owner, you know who your target audience is therefore you may accidentally omit important attention-grabbing text to pull your reader into your copy. A designer is going to ask you, “who is this for, who will pick it up, how will it be handed out” and they’ll use supporting graphics and/or text to catch they eye of your audience.
When you have the initial idea, freelance graphic designers can bring your marketing game to the next level. With affordable pricing, quick turnaround and the skill to help you succeed, the answer is clear. Discover why making an investment into your branding with us is the right way to go, come visit us.