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How to Get the Most Out of Every Networking Event

Networking events can be wonderful opportunities to generate leads and make new business contacts, or they can represent wasted hours that would be better spent on other parts of your business. The difference, more often than not, is in the approach you take. To help give you a better idea of what we mean, here are a few easy ways to get more from every networking event… Plan Ahead – look to see what kinds of people will be at the event, and put some thought into your strategy. To whom do you want to introduce yourself, and what kind of impression do you want to leave them with? Look … Continue reading

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Networking for Lead Generation: 6 Quick Tips

Are you doing lots of networking, but not getting the leads you’re hoping for? Or, thinking of mingling with other business owners and professionals but don’t know how to get started? How many times have you given out your business card at a networking event, just to have no leads? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here are  quick tips to help you start getting more leads from every networking event… Be Selective Where You Network You can’t get leads if you’re networking with the wrong kinds of people. Even if you’re only attending events on a monthly basis, be selective about which ones you show up to. Take a … Continue reading

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Tracking Your Networking Success (or Lack Thereof)

In our recent blog post, Networking is Still a Viable Way to Grow a Business, we talked about five tips to help determine what types of networking groups are best for you to join. But once you find groups that are a good fit for you and your business, how do you track the actual effectiveness of the group to see if it’s generating business leads, or business insights, on a regular basis? Assuming that you are a regular attendee of the group, is it really worth your while? To answer these questions, you’ll first need to determine your intention for joining the group in the first place (which hopefully … Continue reading

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Networking is Still a Viable Way to Grow a Business

There was a time when a handshake was our social media. Live conversation, awkward pauses, and the exchange of business cards were our means of disseminating information to each other. And although the Internet has permanently changed the business landscape, networking is still an excellent way for many businesses to be more involved in the community, and grow their business. That being said, you may not want to join the very first association or group you stumble upon. Doing some research to find a networking group that offers value to you and your business — either with educational opportunities, or potential to meet customers in your niche — can go … Continue reading

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Creating a Successful LinkedIn Page, Part 3: Adding Connections

How many LinkedIn connections do you have? Did you know that the amount of connections on your LinkedIn account affects where LinkedIn ranks you? As a matter of fact, if you can attain 500+ connections, LinkedIn considers you a “power user,” which can give your page an immense boost in authority. Now just hold on, before you go and attempt to connect with everyone in your “people you may know” section, let’s examine legitimate ways to increase your connections so you can rise up in the LinkedIn algorithm while extending your reach on LinkedIn. 1. Search for colleagues you know (or knew) at your current job, as well as previous … Continue reading

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Creating a Successful LinkedIn Page, Part 2: Skills & Endorsements

Have you ever received an email from LinkedIn stating you’ve been endorsed? It’s always a nice feeling to know that someone you know took the time to give you a shout-out for a specific skill. But what about when the skill is something irrelevant, or something you don’t want highlighted? The good news is that you now have much more control over the “Skills & Endorsements” section of your LinkedIn profile page. Even better news is that this section can have a positive effect on the value of your LinkedIn page, which means you’ll rank higher when people are looking for what you do. Let’s take a look at how … Continue reading

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How the Wrong Marketing Piece Can Kill Your Tradeshow or Networking Event

The success of a tradeshow or networking can literally make or break your company. In fact, entire businesses and careers have been built from sales made in a few precious moments face-to-face with prospects and important decision-makers. But, too many business leaders ignore the importance of the marketing materials they bring to tradeshows, conventions, and other similar gatherings – particularly their business cards, fliers, and brochures. It’s not an overstatement to say that the wrong piece, even just one poorly designed one, can kill any progress or sales opportunities you might have made otherwise. Here are five of the biggest reasons why: 1. You want to stand out in a … Continue reading

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The Sure-Fire Approach to Social Media Marketing

I really recommend using digital marketing and social media for your local business to help promote and amplify your brand online, to help drive online engagement with your website and, as a bonus, bring some more sales to you. Where small businesses often get digital marketing wrong is:  digital marketing is not a silver bullet for your company’s marketing.  It’s definitely not the only thing to do, and if you think it’s your sure-fire, quick-fix way to market yourself to a booming business then you’re going to be very disappointed. In my opinion, the biggest benefit of digital marketing is the ability to initiate and foster online relationships by directing … Continue reading

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How to Incorporate Social Media into a Print Campaign

A recent study by the Pivot Conference discovered that 37% of marketers plan to be more active in their social media campaigns in 2012. Why the push for social media? It appears as though people are beginning to grasp the benefits of a social media arm inside of their marketing strategy. There are a number of different ways to incorporate social media into your customer outreach programs but most of them are web based. How can you use your print marketing to boost your social media interaction? The easiest way to bring social media to your print materials is to include your social media information, Facebook web address, your Twitter … Continue reading

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Creating a Social Media Campaign for Trade Shows

A trade show is a major investment in time and money for a business, but it can also be one of the most valuable marketing opportunities around. The challenge is to really create an impression at the trade show so people remember your company and not your competitors (and your competition is probably just down the aisle). Social media can help you get a leg up on your competition and make a stop at your booth a must for all attendees. And, if done properly, the constant reinforcement of your company name and message on social media will make you more memorable. A social media marketing plan for a trade … Continue reading

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