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Where's your blog?

It’s 2015 and the New Year is a great time to make some resolutions about your website, arguably your most effective marketing tool. You’ve been thinking a blog for a while now, but is it really worth the effort? The answer to that is a resounding yes!

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Blogging 101: What are Tags & Categories?

In this installment of our Blogging 101 series, we’re going to talk about tags and categories —specifically what they are, and how to use them in your blog posts. Since tags and categories aren’t part of the actual writing of a blog post, they can easily be overlooked. But if you want to learn how to write a successful blog, you’ll want to make sure you include them in every post. Blog Tags Tags are keywords or keyword phrases that are placed in the tags region on the backend of your blog. Here’s what the input box looks like in WordPress: Tags are for search engines, and they let Google, […]

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Blogging 101: What is the Purpose of a Blog?

A blog is a fantastic way for a business, individual or group to communicate with their readers quickly and easily. It also offers an opportunity for readers to provide instant feedback in a virtual venue — creating a two-way conversation. Blogs were originally called “web logs,” and they’ve redefined how we communicate online. Blogs have also altered the very fabric of the marketing model, moving us away from a selling philosophy and into an era of building relationships. In a nutshell, building relationships is the purpose of a blog. HOW BLOGS BUILD RELATIONSHIPS A blog can go a long way in making you a trusted, relevant resource. It has the […]

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