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Google MyBusiness: A Gold Mine You’ll Want to Claim

Google my business is a gold mineIn 1853, the “place to be” was California. Just four years earlier, gold had been discovered and soon everyone was racing (literally) to the West to have a stake in the claim of fortunes to be made. Fast forward 170 years and you’ll discover:

  • Google claims over 80% of the search engine market share and over 95% of mobile searches in the U.S.;
  • Nearly 60% of consumers who view a Google Business Profile click to visit the business’ website;
  • Close to 90% of consumers use Google when they decide to use a business’ products or services.

Based on those figures, it’s clear that in 2023 Google’s most definitely be the virtual “place to be” if you want to be found by customers researching businesses to satisfy their needs. The surprising statistic? Approximately half of all businesses have claimed their Google Business Profile. Even more shocking? It’s completely free!

Get in the Game and Stake Your Claim 

Investing a little bit of time to claim and set up your Google Business Profile is the single most important thing you can do right now to expand your reach. And unlike the “old days”, you don’t need to have a brick-and-mortar building to have a listing. These days it’s all about hyperlocal marketing: Being found on Google in the markets you serve even without a physical presence in those areas. Having an up-to-date, active Google Business Profile equates to ranking higher in search engine results, aiming for that coveted first-page listing, and that translates into no scrolling for your prospective customer and zero click-through gold for you.

Utilize your Profile and Keep “Score” 

Allow us to reassure you: Google MyBusiness is not complicated. Consider it a platform just like your other social media accounts. If your social media activity is not consistent, take this opportunity to add in GMB and refresh your commitment to both. Having a complete GMB profile will also improve your local SEO. How? Google’s paying attention to how recently content is updated and thus you’ll rank higher than third-party sites who’ve abandoned their strategies and who will be left in the dust. Stay engaged by keeping “SCORE” with your approach:

  • SIMPLE: Think visually. Google and consumers value pictures and videos. And don’t forget to rename your files (the ALT+text) before uploading!
  • CONSTRUCTIVE: Provide content that is useful and helpful.
  • OPERATIONAL: Post frequently! We recommend at least once every two weeks minimum.
  • RENEWED: Make sure your profile is complete and kept accurate.
  • EDUCATIONAL: Be a source of knowledge and share your expertise.

Seek Opportunity & Gain a Competitive Advantage

“Approximately half of all businesses have claimed their Google Business Profile.” Which 50% does your business currently find itself? An active online presence through a Google Business Profile will translate into clicks, calls, directions asked, bookings/appointments made, and sales secured. If this is one mine you haven’t explored, now’s the time. No shovel, sifting pan, or donkey is needed.