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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Page on Facebook

Improve your Facebook Business PageIt’s no secret the goal of Facebook is to offer its users a customized, meaningful experience. They use a complex algorithm that decides what users see in their news feed based on many different aspects of their behavior. It calculates what they click on, who they’re friends with, and the type of Facebook Business Page or group they choose to follow. While Facebook hasn’t provided a precise definition of what makes a “meaningful experience,” it’s safe to say that users are increasingly favoring posts that encourage interaction, discussion, and engagement.

What does this mean for you?
This means that your business Facebook page should listen as well as speak to your audience. Encourage engagement and post interaction by following these best practices.

1. Emphasize Your Brand

Your page should focus on your brand from the start. Your brand is what ties in who you are and what you do. The first place this happens on your Facebook business page is in the about section. This is also where your audience will decide if they want to engage with you, so it’s exceedingly essential to fill it out carefully. Make the details look enticing and informative. Of course, you should offer a link to your website here!

Your brand should be the first thing they see so, highlight it within your profile picture too. Because this is something, they’ll see every time they come back, changing it regularly will keep users updated on your brand ideas. Make it visually attractive and something relatable to your audience. Use a professionally done graphic that scales well, looks great, and follows your branding guide.

PRO TIP: Take advantage of the image carousel in Facebook’s cover photo area to showcase up to five photos like our friends at Fluno Center!

Fluno Center Facebook cover image 1

Fluno Center Facebook cover image 2Fluno Center Facebook cover image 3

2. Raise Your Graphics Game

Impress your visitors with attractive and engaging photos and illustrations within your posts. Your content will then have a strong visual appeal with images of your products and services, all using brand colors and language. This will stand out as they scroll through your page. Think of it as if they are in your store and scanning your shelves. They’ll find your brand reliable and want to know more.

Each post should also be clean and well organized. The overall style of your posts will make an impact on whether or not you’ll be trusted and followed. Remember that people love to skim a page quickly – take advantage of that by using large headlines that compliment your graphics.

Facebook Imagery for J Henry & Sons

Photography from J. Henry & Sons Bourbon’s Facebook page.

3. Keep Content Relevant and Consistent

If you want your messages to be read, you have to gain their attention. Find out what your customers are talking about and address those issues as it relates to your brand. It’s imperative to be authentic and speak to them directly in order to stand out from all the noise on Facebook.

After you’ve worked out what your audience wants to see and read, you’ll be able to build momentum by creating useful posts that keep them engaged. Photos, text updates, and links are simple, posting strategies that will enhance your Facebook business page. Make them eye-catching while using brand-building information and activities.

PRO TIP: Using tools like Hootsuite can help manage posts and photos, and with a few clicks, you can have your entire month scheduled!

4. Boost a Post or Run a Targeted Ad

Facebook gives you the option to “boost” a particularly engaging post (for a fee). Boosted posts allow you to get in front of your page fans, their friends or create a targeted audience using your insights tool. It can assist you in increasing your brand awareness, reaching new customers, and being a great way to grow your page online.

Besides boosted posts, which live only on your timeline, you could also consider buying a Facebook ad to ramp up your efforts. These are created using a tool available on Facebook called Ads Manager. The ads you produce are not visible on your timeline but are only delivered to people you’re targeting, including those who like your page (if you wish). You’ll be able to set up your ad campaigns where you’ll reach a much larger audience.

Want a more targeted approach to your ads? Check out the “Ad Center” and create split tested ads, ramp up your ad creative with text overlays and photo carousels. You can also check your ad’s performance in the middle of a campaign and cancel if you’re not happy.

Madison South Rotary Facebook Page

Madison South Rotary often run ads to promote their Brat Stand before and during Badger Football games using a 2 mile radius.

5. Have a strategy

And finally, before you dive into any of the above ideas, it’s essential to be clear about what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate sales, generate leads, etc.? Think about who exactly you want to target (probably more than one audience) and what assets you have available (photos, video, content, ebooks, etc.). Once you know these things, you can develop a clear strategy.

We can help
To maintain and increase your awareness and reach, you need to create content that values quality over quantity. Passive posts that encourage no discussion or interaction will feature less and less in users’ newsfeeds, and posts that promote back and forth dialogue will feature more.

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’re always here to help. The team at Tingalls Graphic Design can do everything from design your graphics to create your content – all with the goal in mind to maximize your reputation in the ever-changing social media game. Contact us today to learn more.