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How to Create and Keep a Great Domain Name

Choosing a domain name

What you name your website could be one of the most important decisions you make for your business. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it also shouldn’t be something that brings you a lot of stress. It might seem that all the best domain names have been taken but don’t be discouraged. There are ways to create a great name that embodies your business and has a unique ring to it.

Know Your Keywords

You’ll notice that many names in the same industry look a bit alike. There’s a reason for that – keywords. These businesses know that their customers use certain words to identify them. Using high-ranking keywords in your domain name can make sense for a new business. But there are other ways to rank well on the search engine results page (SERP) too so, don’t put all your money on keywords.

Your Brand Matters

Your domain name should match your brand. Using the same name for your website as you do for your business avoids any confusion. A good domain name, like a good business name, should be clear, short, meaningful, and catchy. A collaborative brainstorming session where nothing is off the table will get the ball rolling. Put together a list of words used in your industry. Include words that describe what your business means to you, your staff, and your customers. Now, start combining those words and see what unfolds.
Once you’ve accumulated your list, you can check availability at a domain name search site. Just because a name is taken doesn’t mean you need to go away with your tail tucked between your legs. Purpose, meaning, and experience can be injected into just about any name when you believe in your business. Creating a unique option that still has a familiar ring will breathe fresh air into the industry and make your business stand out.

Buy it!

Once you’ve settled on a domain name, then it’s time to register it so that it officially becomes yours. Here are a few tips on purchasing your domain:

  • Register it with a reputable Registrar like www.enom.com 
  • Register the domain for more than one year for additional savings. 
  • Be wary of sales-y add-on services during the check-out process for your domain. Examples include “domain insurance” or “email hosting.” You can always add services, but it can be costly to remove them if you agree to terms that lock you into a contract. Just purchase the domain name, that’s it.
  • Once your purchase has been completed, fill in all contact fields under “registrant information” including an email address that you frequently check. Most registrars will only contact you via email when your domain is up for renewal. Failure to renew timely can shut down your website and/email services in a snap. And, if your domain goes into redemption status, it can be costly to get it out.
  • Never share your domain logins unless absolutely necessary. Your domain access is the front door to your website and email services and should be protected.

Choosing a GOOD Hosting Provider

Web hosting is when your site sits on a server that makes it available to the internet and usually has a dedicated IP address. That server space is “rented out” through web hosting companies that make your website available 24/7.
When you search “website hosting” at Google, there are hundreds of companies that will be vying for your business. Just like a reputable domain registrar, you want to choose a hosting company that offers services above and beyond a folder on a server. Look for companies that provide 24/7 customer support, ongoing mirrored back-ups both on and off-site, and easy access to your hosting set-up like Cpanel.


Most website development companies will provide the above services in addition to their web design services. At Tingalls Graphic Design, you can register and host your new name through us with confidence. We can help you from start to finish starting with registering your domain name. From there, we’ll launch your site and are happy to offer ongoing support. Tingalls only hosts websites that they’ve designed so that they can offer the expertise that ensures that their clients get personalized service and attention. Contact us for more information on web design, hosting, and helping you manage your domain name.