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Tingalls Tips for Celebrating the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July presents the perfect time to gather family and friends together for a summer get together, eat a lot of great food and watch the fireworks. Because this week’s blog post falls right on this holiday, the Tingalls team thought it would be a great idea to offer up a few of our favorite suggestions for celebrating America’s Independence Day. Whether your hosting or attending, we have some tips and advice to make it a bit more fun, delicious and safe!

Independence Day Ideas from the Tingalls staff:

As a crazy busy mom, I love this easy and fun dish for the 4th. A nice size container of washed blueberries arranged with sliced strawberries and yoghurt dipped pretzels on a cookie sheet. So cute! The American flag looks delicious and everyone loves it!
– Crystal, Accounts Manager

When my children were younger, we would make patriotic looking props for using in our own Independence Day photo ‘booth’. One year they even made a huge paper mural of the statue of liberty that we hung on the wall for everyone to have their picture with as they arrived. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy before the fireworks begin and everyone really gets into it – even the dog!
– Catherine, Copywriter

The perfect ‘recipe’ for fun on Fourth of July is some good Wisconsin beer (enjoyed responsibly, of course) and a boat taken out on the lake big enough to hold a few friends and the dog. It wouldn’t be an Independence Day celebration without it!
-Kallie, Designer

I would just like to offer a tip: apply sunscreen thoroughly and often if you’re going to be outside!
– Alyssa, Designer

A tip for people with furry friends that aren’t too fond of fireworks on the Fourth of July: Listening to a loud TV show or turning your radio up in the house (even if you aren’t home) will help distract your pups from the loud noises outside! Many animals are pretty freaked out by fireworks, so just be sure to keep an eye on them this Fourth!
– Samuel, Designer Intern

A super simple, and a super great way to make kids eat more fruit is our version of fruit-kabobs. We make them with strawberries, blueberries and bannas to create a patriotic look. Arrange them in a way that looks like the American flag – the kids eat them up!
– Nicole, Designer

I absolutely love fireworks … until they’re in the hands of my three girls. A few years ago, my husband and I outlawed sparklers after one of my twins burned her little fingers touching the 1,800-degree stem.
Then, I found this life hack on Pinterest and it saved the day!
Simply poke the sparkler in the end of a red solo cup and your littles can wave away without fear.
I’d also recommend filling a metal bucket with water to drop the hot sparkers in once they’ve burned out.

Still not convinced? Replace the hot stuff with fun crafts using red, white and blue glitter pipe cleaners and patriotic straws.
– Tara, Designer and Owner

Have a safe and fun holiday from Tingalls Graphic Design!