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Four Great Reasons Your Business Should Give Back

Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Here at Tingalls Graphic Design, the entire team believes in sharing our gifts as a way of giving back. As a result, we provide hundreds of hours of pro bono work each year to local charities and nonprofits through our Giving Tree Program. Using this approach, we believe we can make our community a better place.

As well as helping our community, working with nonprofits has the added benefit of being good for business. We encourage other local business owners to consider a program like ours to not only help out a worthy cause but also as a way to increase your business profile. Sounds good? Read on about the benefits and why you need to jump on the giving back bandwagon.

1) Your Customers Like It

When given a choice between a company that contributes or works with a charitable organization, most consumers will work with the charitable company. This enhances your company identity and is fantastic public relations for both you, your employees, and the charity you’re helping out.

2) Your Employees Like it too

The entire Tingalls team is passionate about helping nonprofits succeed in what is becoming a very crowded marketplace. And we have fun doing it! Many of us would like to volunteer but often don’t have time in our busy lives, which is why volunteering at work ticks the boxes for all of us. It often serves as a fantastic team building activity too. Giving back to the community gives us all a sense of pride and bonds us as a group.

3) It’s a Great Networking Opportunity

Once you get involved with a local charity, you’ll find you’re not in it alone. There are a lot of like-minded businesses doing it too! It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet them and even discuss other subjects outside of your contributions to charity. You’ll be a part of a powerful group that bands around their community and lifts those that need a helping hand. It’s the same type of people who are likely to complement each other and recommend work to those with whom they share a kindred spirit.

4) It Showcases Your Work

The thing about working with charities within your area is that they attract a lot of local people from all over your community. What a better place to show your best work and help spread the word about the talents you have on offer? We are proud to say we’ve been able to create beautiful artwork for over 70 worthy nonprofit and charity groups and proudly display our work with them.

How to Get Involved

For a smart business choice, getting involved with a charity makes the most sense where your business contribution has excellent synergy. Look for an organization that targets what you do best and shows it effectively.

Remember to look for charities that you and your staff believe in and to which you have some leaning towards. Not only will you have more fun, but also, it’ll be easy to give your resources. It can help the team as well if they can relate to it on a personal level in some way.

As local graphic design partners, we’ve had the pleasure to work with a large variety of nonprofits. Some of the local businesses we have been involved in are:

  • Heartland Farm Sanctuary
  • The Road Home
  • Community Living Connections
  • Angel’s Wish
  • Wisconsin Lakes
  • Drive Clear
  • Porchlight
  • Journey Mental Health Services
  • Urban League
  • DAIS (Domestic Abuse Intervention Services)
  • Community Action Coalition
  • River Alliance
  • Safe Communities
  • Dane Dances!
  • Fund for Lake Michigan

… And so many others. To see examples of our charitable design work, visit our Non-Profit Graphic Design page.