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5 Extra Touches That Make a Web Design Special

Website DesignUsually, when business owners talk to us about web design, they are particularly interested in layouts, logos, and colors. However, as important as these elements are, it’s often the “extra touches” that separate good websites from great ones. It’s the smaller details that bring everything together and make your pages stand out.
What are these extra touches that make such a difference? Here are five should pay particular attention to…
#1 Photos and Images
Because the human mind picks out images faster than text and other webpage ingredients, we are naturally drawn to photos, drawings, and charts. The visual elements your web designer chooses for your website shouldn’t be random, or simply the ones that were easiest to find. To really make the right kind of impression on customers, you want either custom photography or photos that were chosen for the perfect match of size, color, and tone.
#2 Text Spacing On Your Pages
The spacing around the text on your webpages might seem like a minor detail to worry about, but it can go a long way towards making your website feel like it’s easy to read. Or conversely, if the text is bunched too tightly or spread out too far, the effect is similar to having bad landscaping in your house or business. It sends a subtle signal that your content isn’t well-organized, or that you aren’t credible.
#3 Overall Page Lengths
A great web designer will work with you to ensure that all of your pages are long enough to convey meaning, but not so overwhelming as to dissuade visitors from actually reading them. This might involve adding or removing pages, separating content into different sub-topics, or helping you to manage your ideas more clearly.
#4 Links and Navigation
Usability is a huge concern in modern web design. It’s critical that online visitors and potential customers be able to find what they’re looking for quickly, and without any frustration. The best way to make your website easy to use and navigate is by putting links and navigation in predictable places and clearly marking them. Also, you’ll want to ensure that your site is organized in a common-sense way, without too many “layers” that customers can get lost in.
#5 Customer-Focused Style
In the end, your website is only going to be effective if it is a great match for your company’s business and personality while appealing to your most important customer groups at the same time. In other words, the style has to match the audience. That’s why an experienced business web design team will work with you to figure out who your buyers are and where you fit into the market, so you can create the right match of layouts, images, and other visual elements.
Not only are these elements the added pieces that will make your website seem professionally designed and executed, but they are also the kinds of things low-end web design teams and template sites tend to skip over. Remember that the next time you’re tempted to hire a student or overseas designer to build your web presence – you might save a little bit of money, but the cost to your credibility is too great.
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