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February Spoons League – The results are in!

The coveted Spoons League Scepter - Tingalls Graphic Design

The coveted Spoons League Scepter – Tingalls Graphic Design

The mighty upset! Epic highs and perilous lows at the Tingalls Graphic Design office on Friday 2.27.15 as the February Spoons Championship battle was decided. As always in this league, the competition is intense – like tigers battling over prey, these players take nothing for granted. Every advantage is exploited, every gain fought for and hoarded.
Nevertheless, the league is still troubled by rumors of rules violations, Double Spooning, ringers and now, Fake Matches. Fans know that while only three cards may be in a player’s hand at any one time, and the fourth match is grab for spoons. However, fake matching is becoming a tactic amongst the league’s struggling players. This diversionary tactic is accepted among the AAA and farm teams of the sport; at this level it’s considered not only a breach of etiquette, but also an unfair strategy. The Spoons League Commissioners are scheduled to meet before the next championship begins to discuss and clarify the “Fake Out” rules.
February’s Spoons Scepter goes to Graphic Designer Alyssa. A veteran player, this is Alyssa’s fist Scepter of the year. An easy win it was not. Designer Kallie was a single point from tying up the match and pushing the February Spoons championship game into overtime. In an eleventh-hour display of technique, Alyssa scored the final Spoons Match to claim her victory. When asked to comment on her victory, Alyssa simply said, “Suckers.”