Do You Really Need a Logo in Digital Marketing



For some reason some entrepreneurs think that if they’re engaging in online digital marketing they don’t really need a logo to help visually define their brand. However, these are the same entrepreneurs that also have varied and scattered brand messaging across all their digital media. They don’t have any elements that cohesively bring their brand value and message together.

I’m not saying a logo is the end all be all to bring a brand together, however, it is a visual representation of one’s brand that can easily help prospective clients, current clients and anyone on the Internet recognize and quickly understand what your brand is about.  Online a few seconds of time is about all you have to catch someone’s attention and identify who your are.  A logo and tagline — something that quickly grabs visitors’ attention and helps them understand what your company does and stands for, quickly, can be key.

Being armed with a well crafted logo and tagline, or short value proposition phrase, consistently shared across all your digital platforms and in print — on your business cards and letterhead — allows the kind of consistency needed for someone new to discover your brand.  It also brings consistency to your current clients, vendors and referral partners — they come to rely on and expect a certain look, feel and message when they interact with you online and off.

The visual of a logo offers a quick communication and/or recollection of what your brand stands for.  A small phrase, brand message, or tagline can help to reinforce exactly what the value of your brand is in a short space and time.  The idea is to build enough brand recognition over time to where your logo is really a symbol of your brand and when viewed, people can easily recall your brand’s attributes with little more than the logo image itself.  For example, think Nike’s swoosh symbol.  At this point you don’t even need the company name, Nike, to know what brand that swoosh represents.

The goal is to very easily, quickly and clearly help others understand what your brand represents and why someone might want to do business with a brand that represents that.

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